Southbank Place, LU Tunnel and Track Monitoring, London, UK

Key Achievements

•Installation of a wireless remote monitoring system of over 360 wireless tiltmeters to monitor live London Underground tunnels
•Monthly manual track, tunnel surveys and tunnel scan data, has shown that the data from the wireless tiltmeters and the development of easy to view software and apps has proven to be highly successful in verifying asset behaviour

The project

Demolition of the Old Shell Centre buildings

Construction of a new site wide 2 storey basement

Construction of eight new commercial / retail and residential buildings

The system was required to establish if any movement or damage might occur to the Northern Line and Bakerloo line tunnels or tracks whilst the Main Contractor undertook construction works directly above the tunnels.

The challenge

Low existing clearance of LU tunnels to passing trains meant no cabling or instrumentation could protrude beyond the existing tunnel flanges. This meant installing a robust wireless system which could provide accurate near live data on any movement that might occur throughout the 5 year project duration

The solution

Use of a wireless mesh network of over 360 tiltmeters to provide accurate reliable data on heave / settlement, convergence and track twist / cant throughout the 5 year project duration

Monthly manual ATS, precise levelling, tape extensometer and track trolley surveys to verify the automated tiltmeter data