Wireless Tilt Deformation Sensors

Getec partner with Senceive to provide their clients with a one stop solution to their monitoring requirements. The wireless flatmesh tiltmeter design and  output is a perfect solution for tunnel  deformation monitoring and track twist and cant calculations. Getec and Senceive engineers and installers are LU, NR and SERCO certified . We provide a full range of  condition and track geometry surveys prior to works. Instrument data is sent to either gtcVisual or Getec Quick View software or apps for viewing.

Health and Safety is paramount to our track and tunnel projects. Fully compliant approval, method statements and risk assessments are provided in the required time frames. 

At a technical level the system has been tested and proven over 10 years of deployments in highly demanding environments and prior to that, 7 years of research at UCL one of the pre-eminent engineering universities in the world. The System Integration Layer consists of a lightweight operating system and modules that interface between the sensors, communications layers and processing systems on each node and then back through a gateway to our server and web interface. The nodes themselves are micro-controller based; mesh-networked with IEEE 802.15.4 and form an integrated system that can monitor over a wide area, or any convoluted physical/geographical environment. Proprietary algorithms support functions such as clustering, data retrieval and policy distribution, self diagnosis, position estimation, dynamic algorithm management and security models.

The gateway only needs to communicate with one node in order for the whole network to send data. This provides for highly flexible deployment permutations in comparison to hub and spoke wireless alternatives. Our gateway comes in a variety of options to ensure data is readily available even before the install team leaves site. The options vary from USB connection to a laptop, connectivity via a solar powered GPRS modem or to a wide choice of networking where some power is available and connections to other data bases, data loggers or industrial PCs are appropriate.

The system is highly intelligent and enables us to interact with nodes and the gateway remotely and can visualise and manage key elements within the network. For example: Battery life is important and we are able to see and predict battery life on a continuous basis. Furthermore as a result of many years of development on our sensor interface and wireless algorithms, our products’ battery life is very extensive and should last up to 15 years in typical situations. 

The FlatMesh Node gives the Rail and Construction industry a reliable, easy to deploy and cost effective monitoring solution. It needs little installation labour or technical know-how and requires little on-going support. Extra units may be added at any time when additional or unforeseen monitoring requirements are presented. Our nodes are readily able to interface to both analogue and digital sensor types providing a voltage output or can be used for reporting. All nodes connect up to our gateway which only connectivity to one other node to ensure all the systems data is transmitted to our user friendly monitoring software . All FlatMesh Nodes measure temperature.


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