Monitoring requires a powerful means of visualisation that is required to be adaptable to suit a client’s needs. Getec recognises this, and has developed gtcVisual based on  our own site experiences  and feedback from Clients over the last 10 years. gtcVisual is the first module in a series available for the construction professional. Modules that can be added to gtcvisual include GroutControl, JetGrout, and ATDS.

Crossrail, currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe is using gtcVisual for settlement mitigation on the C300 Tunnel drive from Westbourne Park to Farringdon Station, C501 Moorgate Shaft and C310 Thames Tunnel. The system has in excess of 30 full time users and has zero downtime in 24 months of operation. The system is fully supported by Getec Staff. Training is provided on installation and support is provided throughout  the contract life-cycle. All forms of measurement are supported in gtcVisual , including vibration, noise and dust  as well as Shape Array. 

Data from a variety of geotechnical instrumentation, structural instrumentation, Geodetic and manual surveying is processed and archived into formats required for specific projects. gtc visual provides  a GIS view to the whole project, which can be scaled down to view at a particular locations. gtcVisual can be viewed in playback mode set from key dates inputted by the user. This is a facility that user’s viewing the interaction between site activities and instrumentation find essential. The monitoring data can also be interpreted using graph and timeline functions. The gtcVisual software is compatible with all instrumentation inclusive of fibre optics. The software is developed by Getec and can be adjusted to provide end user requirements. The gtcvisual monitoring package also provides sophisticated alarm systems via the trigger level system implemented on site. The monitoring package is intuitive and training provides a high level of end user familiarity to be able to analyse, report and discuss monitoring issues.

gtcVisual has the following features.

  • Fast graphing, from individual points to a series of points. Graphs can be stored for repeatability 
  • XYZ data which can be exported to excel for future analysis
  • Time stamp function, automatically trace dates and provide graphs on demand
  • Custom views, colours, dual axis, horizontal views, auto scaling, on screen scaling
  • Directional movement relative to defined axis  (custom setting)
  • Slopes
  • Deflection Ratios
  • Contouring 
  • TBM influence zone ( auto adjusting) 
  • Cant & Twist 
  • Vector arrows to show movement direction 
  • Relative or Referenced movement facility 
  • Inclinometer, Extensometer, SAA, Strain Gauge, Temperature, Piezometer, Draw Wire gauge, Liquid Level Cells, Tilt meters.
  • TBM rings 
  • Volume Loss with predicted forecast 
  • Geostatic interpolation  
  • No data  read triggers
  • Multiple triggers and alarms 
  • E Mail alerts 
  • Direct data transfer and retrieval 
  • Profile Cuts
  • Full colour representation
  • Auto cad vector drawings
  • Fully co-ordinated or set views 
  • Auto export to AGS4 format


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