The control of complex grouting works for buildings in the influence of  a tunnelling or excavation  is imperative for any contract. Compensation Grouting is the injection and hydro fracturing with grout of the soil between the foundation to be controlled and the process causing the settlement.

GroutControl® is a measurement system capable of displaying the surface settlement in real time, as well as writing and reviewing grouting instructions to purpose built grouting pump containers. Groutcontrol monitors grouting data (borehole position, grouting phases, initial grout pressure, final grout pressure, grout volume per step and cumulated, etc.) in real time with the site monitoring data.


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Getec provides gtcVisual and Grout Control to Keller, who are the drilling and compensation grouting contracto...

Getec provides Grout control software and support for 12 compensation grouting shafts within the centre of Lon...

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