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Getec Quickview  (TM) is a web based monitoring software program that has been built in house to provide our clients with a full site overview that can be incorporated in a BIM model either by hypelink or built in dashboard. The software can import the Revit model in 3D and allow full walkthrough.

The instrumentation points are added  by the user or by Getec on commission. The aim of the software is to allow full flexibility to add in any other form of measurement on site.
Apart from instrumentation, QuickView also shows data from Noise, vibration, dust  and wind speed and direction. The ability to select 10 or more different sensors and show them on one graph is time saving and informative to the end user.  Quickview also allows the user to add in pile / demolition/ construction data in 2d or 3d and adjust as this is being carried out on site. 
This is particularly useful when excavating boxes or loading embankment as precise data that shows the combined effects of the activity on site and relevant monitoring data. The software also has facilities to record shift reports, pile data, site photographs and safety bulletins. Web cams and other add ons can be quickly added.
Quickview also incorporates our incloview software and tunnel monitor. This allows a full over and underground view of the site. The Quickview software also allows users to view twist and cant and tunnel deformation. The data from prisms, extensometers and tilt meters is incorporated  and can be viewed on a laptop, tablet or phone.
Getec Incloview inclinometer software accepts SAA, IPI and manual inclinometer data. It is unique in the sense that it shows excavation depth or embankment heights as well as design curves for each section of the works. The user can also enter soil profiles and prop levels.
Quickview has been designed by practitioners on the field with many years experience in instrumentation, project management and geotechnical engineering. The aim of the Quickview software is to provide the user with a clear ,informative overview of the site, its activities and meaningful data.
The software has been used with great effect around the world, saving real money for our clients in London ( Tottenham Court Road ) , Louisville ( Ohio River Bridges) and Newcastle in Australia. Quickview is currently in use on 53 projects worldwide.


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