Geotechnical Instrumentation

Getec install all types of geotechnical and structural instrumentation. Getec Engineers provide the method statements, risk assessment and on site supervision for the installation. Using accredited drilling companies for drilling, we install and commission instrumentation using our own installers and engineers. We provide a total service to our clients including providing monitoring action plans for and setting up on line site views do that the data can be monitored. Our sites range from 6 measuring points to 40,000. We treat each job with a professional approach from start to finish.

Getec and MGS Geosense are technology partners for instrumentation supply. We can supply the full instrumentation package for our clients and design bespoke instrumentation for projects.

Getec have installed deep instrumentation on restricted sites, with diameters ranging from 100mm to 240mm, up to depths of 70m. We can also manage SI Borehole works and deep datum installations. 

We are experienced in installing,

  • inclinometers casing, spiral survey and base readings for manual inclinometer, Mem IPI & Shape Array
  • Single and Multi Point Piezometers
  • Multipoint Auto Extensometers 
  • Deep Datums
  • Fibre Optic Piezometers
  • In Pile and DW IPI and Shape Array  
  • DW Toe drill outs
  • Prop Strain Gauges 
  • SCL pressure pads
  • Crackmeters
  • Tiltmeters  (Uniaxial & Biaxial )
  • Track Monitoring (Twist and Cant)
  • Noise, Vibration and Noise Meters 

Geotechnical Instrumentation benefits every construction phase


  • Determines the initial site conditions and confirms Laboratory testing results.

During Construction

  • Observation of Method
  • Construction Control
  • Provide Legal Protection
  • Enhancing Public Relations
  • Measurement of Quantities
  • Increasing Knowledge.

Post Construction

  • Loading and performance.
  • Getec hires extensometer meters and spiral probes 


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Getec  as part of the JV KGI  are lead monitoring and instrumentation contractors on the £475m...

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