Azimuth Aligner®

The Azimuth Aligner® utilises military grade, north-seeking gyro technology to become the mining and civil drilling sectors’ first autonomous driller-operated drill rig alignment system. It advantages our clients with significantly reduced time, labour and project costs – vastly improving productivity and the bottom line.


Within five minutes, a single operator can align a drill rig to tolerances within 0.1 degree of azimuth accuracy and dip accuracy, with the Azimuth Aligner®streaming ‘live’ information to a display unit. Apart from ‘live’ viewing by the operator, the data can be saved to the device’s database and exported via csv to link with drill plods, planning software, or emailed directly to clients, ensuring 100% audit ability and QC of all rig set-ups.
The drilling technology incorporates instinctive functionality, allowing the operator to be properly trained in less than one hour – geologists, engineers, surveyors and associated staff are no longer required to supervise drill rig alignment set-ups on either surface or underground works.
The Azimuth Aligner® is both innovative and transformative, rendering past underground drilling alignment practices obsolete – no need for GPS, compass, foresight/backsight markers, pegs or flagging tape. It has been independently acknowledged with industry awards in the mining and civil engineering sectors, and is increasingly at work on major mining and civil projects in Australia, Europe and North America.


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